How You Can Extend the Life of a Used Vehicle

Having your own car shouldn’t have to be expensive. For a lot of people, secondhand vehicles are much more practical and affordable options. The problem is maintenance. You’ll have to take extra care so you can make sure you get a lot of use out of it. Whether you have an SUV or an ATV, here are a few ways you can make sure your vehicle lasts for a while:

1. Focus on the Brakes

It mostly depends on the mileage of the car, but you should check on the brakes regularly. The brake pads are particularly crucial. Once you press on the brakes, the pads are the ones that stop the wheels from running. Because of this, they undergo a lot of strain. The more mileage a vehicle has, the more worn out the brake pads are. You’ll know that you have to replace it when you hear metal scraping or a high-pitched sound each time you brake. The good news is that you can save money by replacing them yourself although it’s bound to take a few hours.

Besides the pads, you should also check if you need to replace your brake fluid. If you have trouble pushing down on the brakes, it’s likely a sign that you need to refill it. Before you buy one and replace it, make sure to consult the manual and the vehicle’s history. Some manufacturers recommend replacing it every two years while others say three.

2. Inspect the Engine


Like brakes, car engines also endure a lot of wear and tear. This is why it’s important to do regular maintenance as stated in the manual. Keep the engine from overheating by making sure that there aren’t any coolant leaks. If you do find one, you can fix it by replacing the hose and tightening the hose clamps. You should also regularly check if you need to replace your air filter. You’ll know it will need changing if it looks like it’s covered with dirt. If it still looks white, it should be fine. You should also check and change the oil every once in a while.

If you want a complete service, head to the nearest mechanic for a tune-up. It typically includes replacing fluids and filters as well as inspecting the engine.

3. Get a Charger

Whether it’s a truck or a motorcycle, your vehicle uses a battery of some kind. While some vehicles, like ATVs, can run without a battery, it might cause damage, so it’s best to avoid it. The easy way to prevent battery problems is by charging it in advance. You can buy a charger from the nearest hardware store, or you can order it online. If the car has been using the same battery for years, it might be better to replace it with a new one altogether.

While you may not get the brand new car smell, you can get your used car running like it’s good as new. Be proactive, check all the parts, and follow the manual.

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