Reasons That Will Make You Buy a Lifted Truck


How we choose our personal vehicles depends on our needs, the function it will provide, our style, and our commonly preferred travel conditions. This is the same thing in buying lifted trucks. Whether you are in Phoenix, Arizona or anywhere in the country, you should match your needs with the functionality of the truck. A lifted truck has specific functionalities, which is why it is intended for a certain kind of owner.

Find out what makes lifted trucks different from typical pickup trucks.

Types of Lift Kits

Lift kits are specifically designed to raise a vehicle without affecting riding functionality. The different types of lift kits make a lifted truck distinguishable from other typical trucks. The three primary types of lift kits are as follows:

  • Body lift kits. This type of lift kits is design specifically to raise the truck without changing the factory-set suspension alignment and geometry. This provides more ground clearance for off-road activities without affecting how you ride the truck.
  • Suspension lift kits. Compared to body lift kits, suspension lift kits are more expensive. It also includes a more involved lift. This means the replacement of all components from the shocks and struts to the steering wheel. This kind of lift will allow the use of larger tires because of the additional 1-3 inches that it can add compared to a body lift kit. With larger tires come tough terrain. Suspension lift kits will provide more ground clearance for that.
  • Leveling kits. This type of lift raises the front of a truck to match the rear end. Since a truck would often have a rear end that is higher than the front. Such design was meant to compensate for the heavier load that the rear end of the truck hauls. For aesthetics purposes, leveling kits make the front and end parts match its levels without compromising the payload capabilities of the truck.

Driving a truck

Reasons to Buy a Lifted Truck

The best way to convince a person to buy a lifted truck is to let that person drive one. However, there are a lot of reasons that can make you buy one even before that test drive. Here are some of them:

  • Rugged road presence. The rugged look goes with the off-road capabilities that lifted trucks are known for. With the higher suspension, it can handle difficult terrain while it can drive smoothly on common trails. Because of massive tires, lifted trucks can give more adventure by easily working around huge rocks and uneven ground. It can offer more aggressive and better break-over, departure angles, and approaches to tackling steep roads.
  • Towing capability. A truck’s maximum towing capacity varies because of numerous factors. However, lifted trucks are ensured with safety and convenience in towing. Lift kits can give trucks a higher center of gravity, lessening the difficulty and risk of towing a heavy trailer.
  • Better resell value. A standard pickup will eventually lose its original value as the years pass. However, lifted trucks gain additional value because of the functionality, safety, and convenience that it offers after the lift. It is a feature that can sell a truck faster and can gain a better selling price.

Lifted trucks give us a better view of the road ahead while we enjoy the benefits of its aesthetics, functionality, power, and convenience. Choose style, adventure, and fun. Make your truck stand out.

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