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Ride Share vs. Railways: Understanding the Average Singaporean’s Transportation Needs

Getting around Singapore has always been easy, thanks to convenient public transportation options in the country. Local citizens and even tourists can go from one place to another using the train, buses, taxis, or even bicycles. People don’t even need to purchase private cars because public transport remains affordable, efficient, and convenient. They can continue taking advantage of the various options for commuting.

The Rising Popularity of Ride Sharing in the Country

Ridesharing has been receiving positive feedback among Singaporeans. Unlike trains and buses, carpooling opens up more convenient ways for commuting, especially for those who need to go to work every day. With this mode of transportation, passengers can ride with other people, which makes it more affordable than hailing private taxis. They can divide the tab rather than pay for everything on their own. It also helps them avoid the stress and hassle that they often experience because of traffic.

Commuting Challenges Amidst the Coronavirus Pandemic

For several years, Singaporeans have settled with using public transportation. They also patronized ride-sharing applications because of their safety and convenience. Unfortunately, transportation has been disrupted because of the existing threats of the coronavirus pandemic. Now, Singaporeans are choosing private cars rather than public vehicles. Most people would rather drive their own cars than risk riding public transport where they might come across carriers of the virus. This behaviour is natural because being exposed to other people is already a health risk. Thus, Singaporeans are doing everything they can to stop the spread of the virus and also protect themselves, their families, and the community. One of the best solutions is to lessen their interaction with other people. Those with private cars can always choose to take their own vehicles to work and run errands. Unfortunately, a lot of Singaporeans still don’t have a choice but to ride public vehicles.

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Why Commuting via MRT Remains a Popular Choice for Singaporeans

The average Singaporeans still choose to use public transportation, the Singapore Mass Rapid Transit, also referred to as SMRT. Good thing, the government, and private corporations are doing their best to implement strict health protocols. Everyone is working hand in hand to ensure that the public remains safe while they are on the road. Thus, people can rest assured that they can still take public transportation without worrying too much about their health. Here are a few other reasons why Singaporeans continue choosing MRTs:

  • Not everyone can afford to buy private cars – The cost of owning private cars for most Singaporeans remain expensive. Aside from having the need to shell out hundreds of thousands of Singaporean dollars, car owners also need to think about paying for insurance, maintenance, repairs, and other services.
  • MRT fares are budget-friendly – People who are earning just enough to sustain their daily needs can benefit from the affordable MRT fares. People simply need to prepare around $0.42 to $1.67 per ride, depending on the distance of the travel.
  • Commuting is hassle-free – You don’t have to stress over traffic because commuting via MRT is fast and efficient. You can get travel from one point to another within a few minutes. This is especially useful for people who need to get to work or go to school on time. MRTs don’t get caught in traffic, unlike small vehicles such as taxis and private cars.
  • Helps people who are conscious about their schedules – MRTs start operating at 5:30 in the morning and continue providing public transportation until midnight. This provides people an opportunity to fix their routines and simply pick a commute time they are most convenient with.
  • Minimize risk of unexpected expenses – MRTs travel in different routes with fixed fare rates. With this, people don’t need to worry about additional fees and other unexpected expenses. Unlike private taxis, commuters don’t need to spend more money while caught up in traffic.
  • Commuters feel safer via public transport – MRTs travel via railways, so commuters can enjoy safety and security while travelling. People don’t need to worry about road accidents and other types of untoward incidents that are often experienced by those commuting on the road.

Regardless of your preferences in commuting, using public transportation such as buses and MRTs remains a popular choice for most people. Ridesharing can also save commuters time when travelling, but it’s more expensive than other modes of transportation. Thus, for the average Singaporean, MRTs remain the most affordable and most convenient mode of transport. Hopefully, modern innovations and will continue bringing remarkable breakthroughs in the public transportation sector in the country.

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