Security for High-Value Business Facilities: The Extreme Measures

Security is a protocol for businesses. Owners invest heavily in every asset in what proves to be their life’s work, making it necessary to prevent people with bad intentions from stealing them. Fortunately, providing overall protection for your business is achievable through basic security measures. However, it can be costly to put every asset under the same level of security.

Some of your establishments hold more value to your company. Manufacturing plants and warehouses house more of your operations, equipment, and products than your retail stores and offices. Those high-value business facilities will cost more financial losses when under threat, making it necessary to provide more than basic security measures. Fortunately, extreme protocols can ensure maximum protection. Here are a few tools to help you keep your high-value business facilities and assets as safe as possible.

Biometric and Reinforced Steel Door Lock

High-value assets are not something you present to the public. Some of them might not even be accessible to most of your employees. A few high-profile members of the leadership team or the divisions involved will be the ones interacting with them. Fortunately, limiting access is achievable with door locks. Employees will understand that an area or a facility is off-limits to unauthorized personnel. Unfortunately, physical threats can break through standard door locks and gain access to high-value assets and facilities.

Putting your high-value facilities at risk will not be ideal, making it necessary to reinforce entry points to the point of being unbreachable. Thick steel doors are nearly indestructible, forcing thieves to take time before breaking through the area. If you want to take entry point security efforts to the extreme, a biometrics lock system is another option. Authorized employees can use fingerprint, voice, and eye scans to gain access to high-value assets. Since those biometrics are nearly impossible to duplicate or steal, high-value assets and facilities will remain safe from threats.

World-Class IT Security Overlay

For most businesses, high-value assets are not facilities and establishments. In the digital age, information turns into the most valuable part of operations. Companies gain many advantages because of digital advancements. However, it also means that threats have evolved. Business data requires protection against hackers. Leaked classified information will result in financial losses and loss of client and consumer trust. If your business remains unprotected digitally, hackers will feast on your high-value asset. Your IT security protocols will require improvement to win against cyber threats.


Fortunately, you can find multiple companies offering managed security services to protect your business. They can respond to threats immediately, securing crucial business data and information. If you have enough money in your budget, establishing an in-house IT team is a worthy investment. The data server rooms, often tagged as high-value assets, will receive the personnel necessary to protect them.

Drone Surveillance System

Basic security measures for a business facility involve armed personnel and a few tools. Security cameras, motion sensors, and alarms will all be necessary additions to your security team’s equipment. However, you can step it up a notch when it comes to high-value facilities. One option is deploying drones around the perimeter. The bird’s eye view can protect your company around a more massive perimeter, capable of stopping threats before they can start wreaking havoc. Laser alarm systems will also be necessary to prevent physical threats from breaking through a predictable environment successfully. Organized theft can find patterns in simple security measures. Laser alarm systems move in random orders, making it more challenging for threats to pass. You can find drone makers to boost your security team’s tools for protection. The laser alarm system is an ideal choice for dissuading threats. However, you have to maintain a strategic approach when identifying the areas that benefit your company the most.

Risk and Vulnerability Assessment

Extreme security measures will be necessary for high-value facilities and assets. However, you will never know if they are effective until you take a shot at them. Risk and vulnerability assessment allows you to identify weak points and flaws in your security system, helping improve or patch them up.

Hiring risk assessment personnel allows you to test the effectiveness of extreme security measures. They create drills and scenarios to ensure that nothing gets past security tools and personnel. Risk and vulnerability assessments can help improve and maintain protection for high-value facilities and assets, making them priorities for any business.

High-value facilities will get attention from threats, even if there are existing security protocols. If you cannot risk losing your valuable assets, these measures require consideration for investments.

Security is an essential part of running a business. However, some of your assets require more protection than others. If you believe that basic security measures will not do the trick, these extreme tactics can provide a sigh of relief.

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