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Unique Ways to Travel the World

The best thing about traveling is that there’s no right way to do it. The most popular method to get to a new destination is to take a plane, car, or boat, but these aren’t the only ways that you can get to where you need to go. If you want to spice up your itinerary with a unique and unconventional experience, you should definitely try mixing up your mode of transportation. Don’t know where to start? No worries, the list below can give you some exciting ideas for your next adventure.

RV Road Trip

Road trips are a great American tradition. Instead of driving a regular car, why not hit the road with a good old RV? You can either rent an RV or buy your own from one of the many reputable RV dealers in Missouri. This is a great way to save on the costs of accommodation since you’ll only need to pull up to an RV campsite when you need to call it a day. There are plenty of scenic routes you can take depending on your starting point and final destination. Popular road trip routes include Route 66 which starts in Lake Michigan and takes you all the way to sunny Los Angeles, and The Loneliest Road which begins in Ocean City, Maryland and ends in Sacramento, California.

Holiday Cruise

This isn’t as unconventional as the rest of the choices on this list, but it’s still a worthwhile experience, especially if you choose an underrated destination that isn’t just the Caribbean. There are still plenty of interesting and unique sights to see and experiences to be had if you opt for a less touristy locale. Take for example a Baltic cruise which offers incredible views of the fjords and castles of northern Europe with a quick stop at Russia.

Sleeper Trains

Although flying is generally a lot quicker, it comes at the cost of going through noisy, crowded terminals and bothersome security checkpoints. If you’re not pressed for time, is an exciting way to get from one place to another. There’s nothing better than falling asleep in one a sleeper train country and waking up in an entirely different one. This is an especially fun way to see the best of what Europe has to offer. A popular option is the Caledonian Sleeper which whisks you away from the bustling city of London to the magnificent rolling hills of Scotland in around seven hours.


If you find yourself wanting to venture through the great Alaskan outdoors, the best way to get around is by being pulled on a sled by your own pack of incredibly powerful and capable sled dogs. Get an amazing view of the gorgeous wintry landscape by speeding through the beautiful Alaskan wilderness. This age-old tradition provides a thrilling cultural experience that you won’t forget any time soon.


Group Of Volunteers Tidying Up Rubbish On Beach

Volunteering abroad allows you to get free board and lodging in exchange for work. This is a chance for you to give back, share your skills, and meet and interact with locals and other travelers. There are plenty of reputable organizations and charities that are always looking for help. All you need to do is focus on a cause you care about and a destination you want to volunteer in.

What are you waiting for? Pack your bags and go on the trip of a lifetime by way of these unique methods of travel.

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