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man cleaning the car

Why You Shouldn’t Drive with a Broke Windshield

Driving with a broken windshield poses significant risks for drivers and passengers. Impaired visibility, reduced structural integrity, and breaking/shattering are common dangers of driving with a damaged windshield. It can


Major Mistakes That New Mining Businesses Should Avoid

Planning, budgeting, and understanding legal requirements are critical to a thriving mining start-up. Safety protocols, regular equipment maintenance, and the right team enhance mining operations. Thorough market research and proper

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How to Set Up a Successful Truck Repair Shop

Acquire the necessary skills and equipment to start a truck repair shop, including a man lift. Choose a visible location with ample parking and easy access for trucks, and get

car charging

5 Technologies Transforming the Automotive Industry

EVs are becoming increasingly popular due to affordability and ease of charging. Autonomous vehicles use sensors, cameras, radar systems and algorithms to operate without human intervention. VaaS offers convenience and

car manufacturing

How to Earn Money in the Automotive Industry

The automotive industry offers a variety of job opportunities with the potential to be lucrative and diverse. Popular ways to make money in the automotive sector include becoming a dealership

Technician checking the engine of a car in an auto shop.

Scaling Your Auto Service Business

Despite the challenges posed by a global pandemic, Americans still found ways to innovate and create new businesses in 2020. This was evidenced by the 2.8 million online micro-businesses launched in 2021.

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